James Bond

To say I'm obsessed would be an understatement. My favorite film series ever! Nobody does it better!


I've been a James Bond fan since I was a child. I started watching them when they would air on ABC on Sunday nights. Who remembers that? I'm going to rate each film and write a small blurb about each one. Everything that is posted is my opinion of course. For plot summaries here is a link to a wiki page... Plot summaries

Dr. No  1962

This is the first Bond film. A very solid first entry into the movie series. Sean Connery will always be my favorite Bond and this film does a wonderful job showing Jamaica. Highlights include Ursula Andress as Honey Ryder and Jack Lord as Felix Leiter. I also enjoy Quarrel. I like the soundtrack...Jump up. Sylvia Trench is fun and I wish her character would have appeared in more than just two films. I also wish Jack Lord would have done more films for Bond. This one will always be a sentimental favorite for me as it is the first one.  This film gets four out of five stars from me. 

From Russia With Love  1963

This movie has it all. Sean Connery is at the top of his game here. He's confident, dangerous, and comfortable as James Bond. This movie has a great plot with lots of intrigue, action, and great performances. Highlights for me include Pedro Armendaris as Kerim Bey. He was so sick during filming. Daniela Bianchi gives a great performance. 

When I think of my favorite films in the series this one always comes to mind. I give it five out of five stars. I like the fight at the gypsy camp and Robert Shaw gives a great performance as Red Grant. Hard to believe he is the same actor who owns the fishing boat in Jaws. Rosa Klebb and those shoes. This could be the perfect James Bond movie. Great soundtrack from John Berry. 

 Goldfinger 1964

This is the movie that ensured James Bond was here to stay. It was a cultural phenomenon that rivaled the Beatles for dominance during this time! I really enjoy Goldfinger, but I think I am guilty of watching it too much. The cast is strong. Besides Connery everyone in the office including M, Q, and Moneypenny are back again. Honor Blackman as Pussy Galore...Ian Fleming had a great sense of humor. I have a soft spot for Honor after her work on The Avengers. Gert Frobe as Goldfinger is fun to watch. Shirley Eaton may be one of the most beautiful women in the entire series. 

Many people consider this one of if not the best Bond movies. I'm definitely a fan, but I have a handful of other Bond movies that I enjoy more. Again perhaps I watched it too much when I was younger. It is still a very solid entry in the series and I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars. 

Thunderball 1965

This is a personal favorite of mine. I know some people complain there is too much underwater action and I understand why they say that. I enjoy the warm weather scenes of the Bahamas and this movie is always fun to watch when I have the winter blues. Connery gives perhaps his last great performance as Bond. The girls in this movie could be the most beautiful collection of Bond girls in any Bond movie. Adolfo Celi as Largo is a true adversary for Bond. Claudine Auger as Domino might be my favorite all-time Bond girl. When Bond kills Vargas and says "I think he got the point," I laugh every time. Because this is a personal favorite of mine and I really like the strong opening scene I give this movie five starts out of five. A great story, great cast, and Connery gives a great performance as Bond. 

You Only Live Twice 1967

Any Connery Bond is a good Bond, but this movie is the beginning of the end of what I consider the golden era (pun intended) of Bond films. It is fun seeing the great sights of Japan and the story is entertaining although it does not really reflect many elements of the novel by Ian Fleming. Tiger is a fun ally for Bond. Killing Bond in the beginning of the movie is interesting, but how does Osato not recognize Bond is still alive when he tells Blofeld that Bond's death was in all the papers? Plot hole. That and the Eiffel Tower being in Japan? Still a Connery Bond film is always a good time for the most part. I give this film 3 out of 5 stars. 

On Her Majesty's Secret Service 1969

I'm probably going to get a hard time for this one, but On Her Majesty's Secret Service is my all-time favorite Bond movie. I know many people dislike George Lazenby as Bond. I do understand where that criticism comes from. I do really believe that if George had stuck around he would have become an above average Bond. Bond films in the 1970's with George Lazenby instead of Roger Moore would have been very different. George Lazenby had the looks and physical presence of James Bond in my opinion. The soundtrack for OHMSS is excellent. 

Diana Rigg gives a great performance as Tracy and every time I see the ending I want it to be different. As with Honor Blackmon I enjoy seeing former Avenger girls acting in Bond movies. I see OHMSS as the peak for Bond movies in the 1960's. Telly Savalas is fun as Blofeld and much better than Donald Pleasence from You Only Live Twice in my opinion. I would have preferred the original plan for OHMSS where the movie ends with the wedding and Tracy dies in the beginning of Diamonds Are Forever. But it was not to be as George Lazenby sealed his own fate as a one-time Bond. 

This movie always makes me wonder two things. How would it have been with Sean Connery as Bond and how good of a Bond could George Lazenby have been? This film is a favorite and I try to watch it every Christmas season. I give OHMSS five out of five stars. George Lazenby does the best he can considering his lack of experience. If you can get over the fact that Connery is not Bond you will hopefully find that this is an enjoyable film as I have. 

 Diamonds Are Forever 1971

This is one of the most disappointing films in the entire series for me. Connery's return should have been a reason to celebrate. Instead he looks too old and his weight goes up and down during the film if you watch closely. That being said he does have a few Bond moments and as one of if not the greatest actor to play Bond he deserved a swan song and go out on his own terms. Plus they paid him a bundle of money. This film should have concentrated on Bond out for revenge for Tracy's death. That aspect is briefly mentioned in the beginning, but then quickly dropped. When Bond and Blofeld meet face to face later Bond doesn't even mention it?

Highlights for me are the return of Connery, even though this is not the Connery from a few years ago. Lana Wood is fun. Jimmy Dean does a good job acting. 

Where this movie goes wrong is in the supporting cast. Probably the least memorable Felix Leiter. Charles Gray is horribly miscast as Blofeld and it appears that Tiffany Case loses IQ points as the film progresses. I always laugh during the battle at the end when that guy keeps announcing how much time left and counting. Listen for him and you'll know what I mean. I give Diamonds are Forever two stars out of five. 

This film could have been better if it starred George Lazenby as Bond chasing Blofeld and Bundt from OHMSS. Sadly I must say that the great era of Connery Bond films ends with You Only Live Twice. 

Sean does retire with honors (temporarily) as Bond. 

Live and Let Die 1973

The Roger Moore era begins! A lot of Bond fans have mixed reactions when it comes to Roger's performance as James Bond. He's not the James Bond of the Ian Fleming novels. Roger played Bond with his acting strengths and that was humor and witty one-liners. Roger Moore the man is probably the nicest guy to ever play James Bond. I am a fan of Roger Moore. I enjoyed his work on The Saint and The Persuaders. I find that I often will choose a Bond movie to watch based upon my mood. I will watch a Roger Moore Bond film when I want to relax and enjoy some humor and have fun watching Bond as a gentleman, not a cold-blooded killer. 

So lets talk about Live and Let Die. Sean Connery could not be lured back into playing Bond again. George Lazenby is in the Bond rear-view mirror. This is a tricky moment in Bond history. Roger Moore is the third actor in three films to play Bond. They needed stability. They needed someone the public would accept and hopefully stick around for a few films. Roger Moore fit the bill. The supporting cast in this movie is fun. The actor who plays Kananga is a good Bond villain in my opinion. Jane Seymour is a cute Bond girl. What can I say about Sheriff J. W. Pepper? He makes me laugh every time. 4.5 out of 5 stars. 

The Man With The Golden Gun 1974

I really enjoy the Man With The Golden Gun. I know it is considered a bad Bond film, but I can always find things I like in this film. Roger Moore is back for his second turn at playing Bond. Christopher Lee is a classic Bond villain. Do we really need a midget henchman? Then again it is interesting for Bond to fight a midget. Never underestimate someone based upon their size.  I do love the return of Sheriff J.W. Pepper. The car stunt is impressive, even with the absurd music that goes with it. Mary Goodnight looks impressive in a bikini. Before I die I want to visit James Bond island where much of the end of this film was made. I give this movie 3 out of 5 stars.  

The Spy Who Loved Me 1977

Barbara Bach is amazing as a Bond girl. Well done Ringo. The competition between Bond and agent Anya Amasova  is fun to watch. Later when she wants to kill Bond the tension adds to the enjoyment of this film. The weak part of this film in my opinion is the main villain, Carl Stromburg. He's boring and not really that scary. He does have great henchmen though. Richard Kiel as Jaws is an iconic henchman. He scared me as a child and he really adds to a James Bond movie when he is on screen. 

I also remember him on the Wild Wild West, another favorite of mine. Caroline Munro as Naomi is a highlight for me. I wish she would have lived longer in the film. The wink from the helicopter is amazing. I also love the scene with the British Flag parachute in the pre-title sequence. Perfect use of the Bond theme. I give The Spy Who Loved Me 4.5 out of 5 starts. Bond was back in a big way! 

Moonraker 1979

I personally enjoy Moonraker.  A lot of the research I have done over the years says that many Bond fans hate Moonraker. Due to the success of Star Wars were were given Moonraker instead of For Your Eyes Only. This film has my favorite Roger Moore Bond moment. "You missed Mr. Bond." "Did I?" as the dead guy falls out of the tree. I love the chase in Venice and what can we say about Dr. Goodhead? I love the funny names used in these films. The battle in space is a little cheesy but the return of Jaws makes it all worth while to me. Hugo Drax is kind of dry but he definitely has his moments as a Bond villain. Roger killing Chang is a great fight scene in my opinion.  Chris Wright from James Bond Radio does an amazing Chang impersonation. I give Moonraker 4 out of 5 stars. 

For Your Eyes Only 1981

James Bond returns to earth. This is one of the more serious films during the Roger Moore era. I love the pre-title sequence where Bond visits Tracy's grave. Any reference to OHMSS is always appreciated by me. I love the theme song.  I like the scene with Q as he is working with Bond to find out the identity of the bad guy. I feel like I haven't given enough credit to Desmond for his portrayal of Q. I always enjoy his scenes and he is an icon in the world of Bond in my opinion. Topol and Julian Glover are great in this film. Bond turns down being naughty with a young Bibbi. Great discipline 007.  Bond kicking the car off the edge of the cliff is one of Roger's best moments as Bond in my opinion.  I know a lot of Bond fans say Roger was never serious enough as Bond and they could be correct but this scene shows Roger had it in him. I particularly like the end battle at the monastery.  There is also something wicked about a girl using a crossbow.  I give this movie 4 out of five starts. One of the best films in the Moore era. 

Octopussy 1983

Octopussy is my favorite Roger Moore Bond film. I love everything about this movie. The pre-title sequence in Cuba is excellent. I love Roger's line of "Fill her up please."  I even like the theme song. Kamaal Khan is a great villain.  The backgammon game is one of my favorite Moore Bond moments. I love how Roger rolls a double six and is so sure of himself he doesn't even glance down. Perfect Bond moment. Maud Adams and Kristina Wayborn are amazing in this film. I love the ending with Q in a hot air balloon. I have a soft spot for Roger Moore Bond movies and this one is a perfect example why. The battle at the end is so well done. I really wish Sir Roger had ended his time as Bond after this film. My review of A View to a Kill will explain my feelings on that subject. I give Octopussy a 5 out of 5 stars. 

Never Say Never Again 1983

Awful, awful, and more awful. I severely dislike this movie. Sean Connery's return should have been a great event, not a remake of Thunderball. Interestingly enough he looks in better shape for this movie than he did in Diamonds Are Forever in 1971. I'm really struggling to say something positive about this movie. I guess Connery's line about how his martini is still dry. Or perhaps a young Mr. Bean? Even Domino's ugly swimsuit at the end of the movie is awful. The theme song is awful and the entire score is bad. If you are going to pay the money to bring Sean back give him something decent to work with. He showed he could still play Bond. I guess it is okay to see him back but this movie wasted his talent and return. I give this movie 1 out of 5 stars. As I said, awful. 

A View To a Kill 1985

It's time to say goodbye to Sir Roger Moore as James Bond. I know many people are not thrilled with his time as Bond and if you are a fan of the Bond from the books of Ian Fleming you may not appreciate Roger. I enjoy Roger Moore, not just as Bond but also as Simon Templar and Brett Sinclair. Roger brought stability to the role and managed to get Bond through the 1970's and half of the 1980's and I will always watch his films because they are fun. If you want a more serious Bond watch Dalton or Craig. If I'm up for a laugh give me some Sir Roger. Now on to A View To A Kill. If I controlled Bond I would of had Roger retire with honors after Octopussy. I'm not the biggest fan of this movie. Some scenes are excellent. I do enjoy the Eiffel Tower scenes. Christopher Walken is a great actor...I like to call him freaky man. Grace Jones is interesting and I believe underrated as a Bond villain.  Did anyone recognize Elsa from the third Indiana Jones movie? I'm sad to say this but Roger looks too old in this film.  It was definitely time to retire with honors. I have always believed that Roger is the nicest man to ever play James Bond. He is a class act that we can all learn from. I give this film two and a half out of five starts. Thanks Roger. 

The Living Daylights 1987

Time for a new Bond. Timothy Dalton was definitely a switch from Roger Moore. I know many people love Dalton's portrayal of Bond. There are some really great parts to this film. The pre-title sequence is excellent. Perhaps the best in the series. Then again there are parts of this movie that I struggle with. Joe Don Baker? Why on earth is Joe Don Baker in a Bond film? I will be saying this again in a couple of films. Remember Mitchell? Dalton is definitely a serious Bond. Some people did not like this. I would say he was ahead of his time. I like Dalton, but I wish he would have done more Bond films. The plot of this movie is very busy and you really need to watch it multiple times to get everything that is going on.  I like the Afghanistan part of the movie and the fight on the plane. Dalton has some great one liners. The defection of the Russian General in the beginning is fun and it really establishes Dalton after the strong pre-title sequence. I am disappointed that Bond fights Joe Don Baker in the final battle of the film. WTF? Overall a good debut for Timothy Dalton. I give this film 3.5 out of 5 starts.  

License to Kill 1989

Round two of Timmy D. This movie is very serious. Very serious.  Bond is Felix's best man and things go badly for Felix on his wedding night. I do like Sanchez as a Bond baddie. He is definitely one of the best in the whole series. At times his talk of loyalty makes him very likeable if you can forget what he did to Felix and Della. I do have to ask how on earth did Terri from Three's Company end up in a Bond movie?  Perhaps she had the same agent as Joe Don Baker. Dario is an excellent henchman.  Carey Lowell is sexy as hell and does a good job. I love how Q has a bigger role in this movie. It is always fun to see Q out in the field. I can't help but think of him in the hot air balloon in Octopussy as well. Bond is set on revenge and we kind of get what we should of had with Diamonds are Forever with George Lazenby as Bond. The ending of this movie is very brutal. The way Bond killed Sanchez is intense. I could not picture Roger Moore killing him this way. Definitely a Dalton move. I could easily picture Sean Connery doing it though. Overall this is an okay movie for me, but not great. My biggest issue with the Dalton era is that he never made one of my favorite Bond movies. I think he does a good job as Bond and I wish he would have stuck around longer to make a masterpiece. I give this movie 3 out of 5 starts. See you in 6 years 007. 

Goldeneye 1995

The Pierce Brosnan era officially begins. I really enjoy Pierce as James Bond. He was a great Bond. His screenwriters, not so much. Goldeneye is easily my favorite Bond movie with Pierce. This will always be a special movie for me because it is the first Bond movie I saw in a movie theater. The pre-title sequence is excellent. I even love the theme song. I don't buy Pierce jumping into an airplane in midair, but the rest of the film is fun. Xania is a great Bond villain. Joe Don Baker is back, how? The tank chase scene is fun. I really like this move. I do enjoy it when Boris dies. Pierce is an excellent Bond and I remember quickly forgetting I was upset that Timothy Dalton was no longer Bond. The video game Goldeneye 64 is amazing. The only weakness of this movie is the questionable soundtrack. Five out of five stars. 

Tomorrow Never Dies 1997

I remember being very excited for this film. Goldeneye was so good. The premise of this movie is very good. Fake news in 1997? Who knew? Pierce is again excellent as Bond. I like the Judi Dench and Geoffrey Palmer scenes in the beginning. As Time Goes By is one of my favorite British television shows so I always enjoy their scenes in this movie. Stamper is an interesting henchman. I like Dr. Kaufman. Great Bond moment when he says "I am just a professional doing a job" and Bond says "So am I" and kills him. Sometimes this movie gets a little caught up with shooting machine guns. I like Terri Hatcher in this movie. Having someone from Bond's past is a great idea. I have mixed feelings on Elliot Carver. Sometimes I like his character and other times I do not. Overall this movie for me is okay, but not as good as Goldeneye. I give it 3 out of 5 stars. It's downhill for Pierce's screenwriters from this point on.  

The World is Not Enough 1999

This movie is interesting for me. I love the theme song from Garbage. They are one of my favorite bands. The opening scene in Spain is fun. I like the look Pierce gives the camera after shooting that guy. I really think Pierce was a great Bond. I would of liked to have seen him do better movies. I would have been curious to see him do Casino Royale. At least the Joe Don Baker era is finally over. How on earth did he get to be in three Bond movies? The cigar girl from the beginning of the movie is absolutely beautiful. I wish she would have had a bigger role. Sophie Marceau is very beautiful as well. Her torture scene of Bond is fun and I like the ruthlessness of Bond when he shoots her point blank. She deserved it. Denise Richards as a nuclear scientist? I'll never buy that one. She looks great though. I'm glad to see Valentine Zukofsky from Goldeneye again. The final battle on the submarine is okay, but I would have preferred something more original. I give this movie 3 out of 5 starts. Pierce should have stopped here.  

Die Another Day 2002

I was once told if you have nothing nice to say don't say anything. I guess this is my website so I can ignore that. This movie is awful. I'd rather visit the dentist. Of all the official Bond movies this is the worst in my opinion. Pierce is fine as Bond, but the director ruined this film. Invisible car? Virtual reality fighting suit? If you listen closely you can hear Ian Fleming turning over in his grave. This movie is worse than Never Say Never Again. I have a problem with Bond being held prisoner for all those months. He's Bond, he should be able to find a way to escape. Colonel Moon as two characters? Awful. Halle Berry is a very talented actress but I don't enjoy her here. Awful dialogue and unrealistic stunts complete this stinker. Pierce deserved much better. I find no fault with his performance. 0 out of 5 starts.  

Casino Royale 2006

I will be the first to admit I thought Daniel Craig as James Bond was a mistake. I have never been more wrong. Never again will I judge a Bond actor until I actually see him in the roll. I have really enjoyed the Craig era. I have the feeling when he is done I will rank him second behind Sean. I remember feeling very excited when it was announced they were going to finally make an EON production of Ian Fleming's first James Bond book. I remember thinking I was disappointed Pierce Brosnan would not be continuing as Bond. 

Casino Royale could possibly be perfection. Craig is amazing as Bond. The story flows very smoothly. Great song by Chris Cornell. I love the idea of this being Bond's first mission. Judi Dench is great as M. I really enjoy the scene where Bond blows up the embassy.  Eva Greene as Vesper is very sexy. The ending is very sad when she dies. I like how this movie is very close to the novel but they did make some changes. I love the black and white part in the beginning. Yes, considerably. The end scene where Bond shoots Mr. White is amazing.  I give this movie five out of five stars. Well done Eon. 

Quantum of Solace 2008

Because of my admiration for Casino Royale I was very excited to see this film. The car chase in the beginning is fun. The scene where Bond falls through glass before he shoots the traitor who worked for M is very fun. This movie is growing on me the more I watch it. I remember being initially disappointed but I think my expectations were unreasonably high after Casino Royale. This movie should have been combined with Casino to make one movie. I'm sad to see Mathis die. I really enjoyed his character and I should have mentioned him in my review of Casino Royale. Strawberry Fields was very beautiful and I would of liked to have seen more of her.  The head of Quantum is annoying and I'm glad he dies at the end of the film.  The abusive General got what he deserved as well. I give this film four out of five stars. 

Skyfall 2012

They say that the third film for a Bond actor is often his best. I'm not sure about that but I love Skyfall. Craig is comfortable in the roll. Great story and I like how it links to the next generation of Bond films. I'm sad to see Judi Dench leave as M. She did an amazing job during her time with Bond. Daniel Craig plays her death very well. I like Ralph Fiennes as the new M. The new Q is really good. The battle at Skyfall is epic. I know some people do not like this movie and that confuses me. Great story, the plot keeps moving, and it completely entertains. I give Skyfall five out of five stars. 

Spectre 2015

The Dead Are Alive! This movie is very controversial among Bond fans. Either you love or hate it. I for the most part love it. The pre-title sequence is excellent. I don't know how Bond could have left that room with that girl on the bed? Discipline apparently 007. Monica Belluci...wow. She is one of my favorite Bond women. She looks amazing for her age. I'd let her eat crackers in bed. The helicopter fight in the beginning reminds me of For Your Eyes Only. I have two complaints about this film. The theme song has great lyrics by I don't like Sam Smith's vocals. I would have preferred a woman to sing it. Shirley Manson of Garbage perhaps? That and Blofeld and Bond are brothers? Too Austin Powers for me. I really enjoy the rest of Spectre. Mr. Hinx is a bad ass when he rips the guys eyes out. I'm glad Daniel decided to come back for one more Bond movie. I give Spectre 4.5 out of 5 stars. 

No Time To Die 2021

All good things must come to an end. I have really enjoyed Daniel as Bond and this movie only added to his legacy in my opinion. I hope the future of Bond brings back some of the supporting office staff.  The pre-title sequence is excellent. Bond hiding behind a cement block from an oncoming car is awesome! Jumping off the bridge and jumping back on with a motorcyle. Bond is right that we do all have our secrets. I want to retire to Jamaica like Bond. It was great to see Felix back! Jeffrey Wright is easily my favorite Felix! His ending was a shocking moment that always makes me sad. Ana de Armas as Paloma is easily one of my top ten Bond women. I fell in love instantly. Her kick in that dress. OMG! She needed a bigger role. I hope there is some way to bring her back in a future Bond film. I suppose we should discuss the elephant in the room...the ending. Bond is not dead in my opinion. This movie borrowed heavily from the novel version of You Only Live Twice where it appears Bond dies at the end but he somehow survives. I believe the same happened and the next film will hopefully address it. James Bond can't die. Fun movie except for the end. I give it 4 out of 5 stars. 

Time for some rankings.

Favorite Bond actors:

1.Sean Connery.

2.Daniel Craig.

3.Roger Moore.

4.Pierce Brosnan.

5.George Lazenby.

6.Timothy Dalton.

My list of how I rank them. This could totally change next week and my ratings that I gave in my write ups above may not match lol.

1.On Her Majesty's Secret Service.

2.From Russia With Love. 



5.Casino Royale.



8.Live and Let Die.

9.You Only Live Twice.

10.Dr. No.



13.No Time To Die

14.For Your Eyes Only.

15.The Spy Who Loved Me.


17.Quantum of Solace.

18.The Living Daylights.

19.The Man With The Golden Gun. 

20.Tomorrow Never Dies. 

21.The World is Not Enough.

22.A View To A Kill.

23.License to Kill.

24.Diamonds Are Forever. 

25.Never Say Never Again. 

26.Die Another Day.